• Merchant - How do I change my Bank Details for Settlement

    To update/ change the BSB and Account number for settlement we need you to complete a signed request (sorry) we are working to improve this process.

    Please fill out the required information and send a signed copy to [email protected]



  • Merchant Settlement

    Settlement payments are triggered from the time the order is approved by Afterpay and are processed as per the following:

    Settlement payments will be made based on the settlement processing time agreed (typically within 2 business days).

    • An email is sent to the merchant account email address (if configured) summarising the total settlement payment amount to be paid. Emails are not sent if there are no amounts due to the Merchant.
    • Afterpay merchant fees are calculated and deducted from the amount to be paid to the Merchant at settlement.
    • Bank processing times vary and need to be taken into account by the Merchant for clearing.
  • Merchant - Download settlement information

    Detailed settlement information can be downloaded by every Afterpay retailer from the Afterpay Merchant Portal.  The data is provided in CSV format.  Log on to the Afterpay Merchant Portal and select the Settlement section.

    Select the ‘Export’ button to download settlement data for the chosen date.

    Select the ‘Settlement Export’ button to download settlement data for a range of dates.

     The following information is provided:

    • Settlement Date
    • Order Date and Time
    • Order Month and Order Year
    • Afterpay Order number
    • Merchant Order number
    • Order Amount
    • Settlement Amount
    • Afterpay Merchant Fee applicable to Order (excluding GST)
    • GST applicable on the Afterpay Merchant Fee
    • Total Afterpay Merchant Fee including GST
    • Net amount settled for Order
    • Type of transaction (order or refund)
  • Merchant - Tax Invoices

    Tax invoices can be generated and downloaded through the Afterpay Merchant Portal by doing the following:

    • Log on to the Afterpay Merchant Portal
    • Select the Settlement section
    • Select the Tax Invoice option


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